Upcoming premieres, performances and projects:

Having acquired the necessary rights, the playwright/lyricist Patrick Ellsworth and I have embarked on the creation of a musical based on Ingmar Bergman’s Wild Strawberries.

22 September 2018: Judith Jáuregui performs Study in Stride at the Auditorio del Conservatorio Profesional in Soria (Spain).

12 October 2018: World premiere of The Last Bohemian interpreted by Antonio La Paz, clarinet; Mikolaj Konopelski, cello; and Duncan Gifford, piano; Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Brno, Czech Republic. 

27 October 2018: Trío Musicalis performs Big Fun, for bass clarinet, violin and piano, in the Festival de Música de Tres Cantos at the Auditorio de Tres Cantos (Spain). 

4 November 2018: World premiere of Goodbye Blue Monday by the Helix New Music Ensemble (Rutgers University) at Le Poisson Rouge (New York).

3 January 2019: World premiere of Los payos también cantan (piano trio) by the Trío Arbós at the Auditorium of the Music Conservatory of Israel in Tel Aviv.

25 January 2019: Judith Jáuregui performs Study in Stride at the Auditorio Hospedería Fonseca in Salamanca (Spain).

13 March 2019: Joaquín Fernández (cello) and Joan Castelló (percussion) perform The Jewel of Istanbul at the Auditorio Nacional (Madrid) in the Satélites series of the Orquesta Nacional de España.

28 May 2018: Judith Jáuregui performs Study in Stride at the Residencia Universitaria Caja Badajoz in Badajoz (Spain).

June 2019: World premiere of my scenic oratorio El laberinto errante performed by Transbaroque. I’ll be narrating and conducting. Exact date and venue to be determined.

Season 2019-2020: Site-specific ‘mobile’ concert at COAM (Colegio Oficial Arquitectos de Madrid); Music of the French Baroque plus my Amor entre las ortigas performed by Transbaroque.